It’s no secret that girls love travelling in a pack when they head abroad. And we girls like to surround ourselves with an array of personalities, perfect for each occasion, which somehow seem to mesh together perfectly.

From the party animals to the disappearing act, these are the types of women you’ll find on a group holiday:

The “Fun One”:

This girl is the one everyone wants on the trip; she picks up morale if it ever gets low and turns a simple evening into a night to remember. Your suitcase has been lost? Don’t worry, she’ll cheer you up by wearing matching hotel t-shirts with you. Her carefree attitude and outgoing personality are why you all love her.

She’ll never run out of things to talk about and while you sometimes wish she would tone it down, she’ll be the one that was just chatting to the manager of the bar and got you all VIP tables for the week…

The Mum of the Group:

You are all really good friends, so it only makes sense that you will always come to unanimous decisions about exactly what you are going to do each day. Or maybe not.

Even for the best of friends, conflict can be unavoidable but don’t worry – there’s always one in the group who will act as mediator and referee should any issues arise. The Mum of the Group will listen to your long-winded stories patiently until you’ve resolved the issue.

The Difficult one:

“I hurt my shoulder playing tennis last week” “My skin is too sensitive to salt water” “I’m trying out the Atkins diet”. Sound familiar?

On holiday with a large group of ladies – it’s only statistical that someone will be on the latest diet fad, have developed an intolerance over the past few months, or simply isn’t feeling up to come on the kayaking trip you meticulously planned.

Regardless, it makes life extremely difficult when you’re all trying to agree on your holiday activities. Our advice: book a spa retreat and eat out so that someone else can deal with the problem.

The Houdini:

No matter where you go, there’s always someone in the group that ends up disappearing. Whether it’s because they stopped by a souvenir shop on your walk without telling anyone or just went to the pool to read their book.

This person will ALWAYS be completely under the impression that no one needed to know where they were all day but instead will make their own way to the restaurant in time for dinner. You just won’t hear from her until then.


There’s that one on a girl getaway that we are all extremely thankful for.

She’ll be there when the lighting is just perfect, taking those perfect candid shots of us, in flattering angles. The shot that makes our new profile picture or won’t need a filter on Instagram.  Then when you’re home, she’ll make a perfectly curated album of the trip on Snapfish.

She’s the one with the SLR camera and we bow at your photographic prowess.

The Manager:

In every group, there’s always one. One who steps up to the plate and researches all of the hotels, creates a Doodle, sends out invoices, picks the restaurants… they make sure the trip runs smoothly.

They have a platinum membership on Trip Advisor and know the ins and outs of the resort before you arrive. Not to mention their extensive folder containing a list of everyone’s dietary requirements, room numbers, holiday itinerary and emergency numbers.

They pioneer our quest for relaxation.  And we’re all okay with this because we just would rather not do it ourselves.

However, sometimes even the most-organised of group Managers might not be able to find the time to research the perfect holiday. And this is where Grown Up Escapes comes in. We’ll help you create the perfect girls holiday with tailor-made experiences and restaurants that suit everyone.

All you need to do, is get in touch!

And if you’re not sure which one in the group you are, it’s probably the difficult one…

So, just why are girls holidays the best? Find our next blog.

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