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Should I feel guilty about a holiday without the kids?

Should I feel guilty about a holiday without the kids? 

The subject of a holiday without the kids is dividing busy mums up & down the country. On the one hand, some women are rejecting the idea completely without seeing the benefit of a breakaway with the girls. Whilst others are embracing the restorative opportunities that taking a few days away has to offer. 

It’s normal to feel a little guilty about wanting to try & get away with the girls for some R&R, but you shouldn’t be made to feel like some kind of monster-mummy for taking some time out for yourself. 

Denise & I are both busy working mum’s. Once we saw the benefits of a short holiday without the kids for our whole family we made it one of our priorities to spend some time relieving some of the parental pressure that comes along with motherhood once in a while.  

Let’s be honest – who hasn’t fantasised about getting away from the kids for a few days when the little darlings are running riot & testing every last ounce of your patience?  

Here are just a few reasons why a holiday without the kids doesn’t just restore your sanity.

Look after yourself first and you will be able to look after everyone too.

This is the advice on an aeroplane safety demonstration, and it’s good advice for the rest of your life. They warn you that if you need to help a child, you need to put your own mask on first, otherwise you could lose consciousness and both of you would be in danger.

Ok, so this metaphor is a little scary but you see my point – if you’re dragged down by the daily grind and not firing on all cylinders then you are not giving your best to your family.

Why are we always on the bottom of our priorities list? 

Once we’ve dealt with the children, partners, work, clients, relatives, our home, errands and the rest of life’s never-ending list of ‘duties’ then it comes as no real surprise that there’s never any energy left to spend on ‘you’.

Our health is the most important thing we have, and without it, we can’t possibly keep up with the ever-growing list of demand that life throws at us – especially if we’re exhausted to the point of losing consciousness or death. Constantly putting yourself last wears you down and depletes any last energy reserves you might have been trying to save up, and mothers of young children are particularly good at giving their all to their brood without considering their own health.

If you don’t allow yourself any downtime for rest and relaxation, your body will inevitably stop you in your tracks and force you to stop anyway.

Bring back your best you 

We totally get that you’re tired, snappy and generally just worn-out with everything life has to throw at you – but you’re never going to be at your best if you’re totally frazzled by work, school runs, fussy eaters and mountains of laundry to contend with on a daily basis.  

Like the washing, stress mounts up and before you realise it you are locking yourself away in the bathroom just to get five minutes to collect your thoughts before you go into complete mummy meltdown.  

A few days away with your favourite group of girls (who are probably feeling exactly the same way as you are) is the perfect tonic to motherhood and modern life and can restore you to your best you.  

Portugal Hen Escape

You’re more than just a mother  

It’s difficult to remember a time when you were free to be yourself before the kids came along, and as much as we love them being a mum does overtake a lot of the things we used to prioritise – usually ourselves and our partners! 

Having some space to regain a sense of your own true self is a really freeing experience that gives us the opportunity to be us again and enjoy a few of the things that have fallen way down on our daily tasks lists.  

From a little world-class pampering to some girly gossip over a bottle of wine or two, a little time out for yourself doesn’t just make you feel better, it makes you a far nicer person to be around once you get home.  

mother of the bride bonding

A bit of TLC for the body and mind 

As healthy as we try to be, I’m far from innocent when it comes to pinching the kids’ lunchbox chocolate bars and quaffing coffee like there’s no tomorrow because I’m either too stressed or tired to care what I’m putting into my system.  

And over time, it’s easy to see where the few extra pounds have started to creep on or that those dark circles aren’t going to disappear all on their own.  

Don’t feel guilty about needing to put your health first for a change, after all, a healthy and happy mum that’s energised enough to tackle school sports days with gusto is going to be the envy of everyone at the school gates. 

So instead of feeling guilty about a holiday without the kids, get together with your ladies to discover more about our blissful wellness breaks or perfect pampering escapes and come back refreshed and ready to take on modern motherhood super-mum style.  

Grown-up Escapes specialises in escapes for Mum’s, feel free to call our travel team on 01782 338782 and find out more about getting away from it all.

Why not check out our relaxing escapes at our website www.grownupescapes.com/relax





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